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TaylorMade Truss TB1

TaylorMade Truss TB1

The new TRUSS putter range offers a superior stability structure. Engineered for less twisting for more putts that travel on their intended target lines.


The TRUSS TB1 Putter Features:

  • TRUSS Hosel Design
  • Cobalt Blue PureRoll™ Insert
  • Sole Weights
  • 2-Year Guarantee / KBS C-Taper Chrome Stepless Stability Shaft / Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny Grip


TRUSS Hosel Design

This new striking hosel design offers two connection points which improve stability. This hosel minimises turn and offers a more familiar look at address position. It also stiffens the structure to produce an improved sound and feel.


Cobalt Blue PureRoll™ Insert

The new Cobalt Pure Roll™ insert provides a better sound and feel. The grooves improve topspin that is created to improve forward roll across a variety of surfaces. Helping your ball start and stay on its intended line more consistently.


Sole Weights

On the sole of the putter are 2 weights which are unique to different length shafts and head sizes. This improves the centre of gravity position to get the best performance and feel from the putter.


KBS Stepless Stability Shaft

This new range of putters comes with the new KBS CT Tour Stepless Stability Shaft, weighing 120grams for less deflection.

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